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Top Car Trends to Expect in 2022

A lot of things can change in a year, and the auto industry is no exception. The year 2021 was a shocking year for drivers and manufacturers because of the unprecedented and enormous events that took place. It's possible that some of the changes that were made this year will carry on in the following year. The world of cars appears to be undergoing some great difficulty and dramatic changes, with various manufacturers experiencing delays on the delivery of various models. There are also new alternatives emerging that are seen as more sustainable than buying a traditional fossil-fuel powered car.

Buying a car is always an exciting prospect and the year 2022 will have numerous surprises and some major changes in store for you! We can't tell you everything yet but here are some of the biggest trends to look out for in the coming year.

Paints With 2 Tones

The design of car from the 1950s has been a big inspiration for contemporary car makers. For a long period of time, SUV have been released in the last few years that have had two-tone paint schemes, and this trend will continue going in the year 2021. It is estimated that over 75% of cars sold in the US and Canada are silver, gray or black according to an article from Auto Spies. Two-tone paints can be a nice change from what's been popular recently.

2-tone cars

Vehicles now also come in an array of colours ranging from the traditional black to the more unique tangerine orange. Consumers can spend a few hundred dollars to paint their vehicle in whatever colour they want. Here are some ideas of things to do to make your car stand out: Firstly, painting the roof a different colours. Secondly, painting the side mirrors in orange. Lastly, adding blue around his lights or employing various other colours on the bumper. Furthermore, there are also many ways to make your vehicle stand out. One of the most popular methods is to choose a contrasting color that will set it apart from the rest of the vehicles on the road.

Some notable cars with two-tone paint jobs include the following:

  • Land Rover Range Rover
  • Hyundai Venue and Kona crossovers
  • BMW Mini Cooper
  • Chevrolet Trailblazer

Shopping for a Vehicle Without Leaving The Comforts of Your Own Home

It's possible that a lot of people will choose to skip the trip to the dealership. To woo more consumers, some dealerships are redesigning their strategy to expand into the comfort of their homes. New and more developed technologies are making it possible for dealerships to engage with clients in these ways with search results decreasing by 20%.

There’s a lot of uncertainty heading into the year 2022. Depending on the outcome, some things could change drastically - at-home service or maybe even becoming an industry norm? In a survey conducted by a survey firm, shoppers ranked how much they want the option to consult dealers as an alternative to visiting them. 

Nowadays, due to the changes brought by the pandemic and due to more developed technologies, Test drive can now be done at home, videos showing detailed reviews, showrooms are being shown in digital version, configurators can now be accessed online, test drives using virtual reality and videoconferencing are among their preferences.

Online car shopping

Today, people are turning to the internet to research and buy their cars. They tend to shop online and discover different products on the internet.  With that, we don’t just save time, but we also stay on our computers instead of braving the dreaded car showroom. This is because 18% of auto shoppers would buy a vehicle sooner if they could simply shop online to purchase it.

Customers want to purchase their car online and have it delivered in their respective homes. We'll see if the old models and modes of sales still work or if they should be adjusted to fit these new preferences.

Overdue Release of New Car Models

Sales in the auto industry can be unpredictable. After they dropped, manufacturers had to change their production timeline for 2022 models to get rid of leftover in 2020 and 2021 models. Although new car models are typically released in the late summer/early fall, large numbers of them have been delayed in 2021.

If things don’t go well in sales and the 2022 models aren’t available for purchase for a while, next year could be a bad time to buy a new car. When a car company announces a new model, they often make a lot of noise about it in the media. However, there haven’t been any reports about public decisions to cancel new models.

So, is there a chance that delays might happen with the models for 2022? It’s really hard and still early to tell.

Good Deals for the Current Car Models

With 2022 just around the corner, the focus of manufacturers and dealers will be on the newer models rather on the previous ones. So, how does this affect you as a customer? The thing is, salespersons will be offering promotions and incentives just to clear their current inventory of car models. Expect to get offers like no penalties for deferred payments or 6 to 7 years of financing without any interest.

Good car deals

As carmakers begin producing new models for the year 2022, salespeople will need to make room for them. So, if you’re looking for a new car, but you’re okay with 2021 models, you can save a lot rather than spend huge amount on the newer ones If you can hold it by the end of 2021 and you’re willing to wait, then, you’re up for huge discounts. In this way, you will be able to save with a current model while the newer models are soon to come in.