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What is a VPN and Why Do You Just Need It?

So why does a private user need a VPN and what are the additional benefits that are most important to use?

Let's start from the end and say that VPN actually makes the internet the place it should be, which means secure and available from anywhere in the world. We begin by explaining where the need was born but beyond that, the private user has at least 2 good reasons to install a VPN:


When you surf using your own computer and want to enter a certain site, you type the URL you want in the address bar and then what happens behind the scene is that the requested site sends your IP address which serves as your home address for everything, enabling the sites you follow to follow your habits:

  • Your browsing
  • Your interests
  • Your searches
  • Your recent purchases when you do your online shopping
  • Other details and personal information that you normally do not want to disclose

With a VPN, you will reach the desired site will be the address of the VPN server you choose and not the actual address where the computer from which you are browsing. So we have already talked about the VPN's ability to keep private companies, large governments and corporations from getting you information but now we understand that our privacy as a private user is no less important.

Your online privacy is important

Another significant benefit of changing the location that is enabled by the VPN is browsing sites that restrict or prohibit the use of certain places. Say that you want to watch content that is not open to Israel or that you are surfing from a computer of a particular public body that for one reason or another blocked specific content. The VPN sends the signal to the server wherever you want to surf and thinks that the signal comes from a different place in the world.

VPN's can change your location

Information security

If you surf through a public WiFi, your information is hacked and open and you easily allow hackers and cyber criminals to steal and use your personal information. If you've installed a VPN, even if someone can get to your information, they still will not know that it's coming from you. To illustrate this point, you can imagine a tunnel that connects two places when what is happening inside it no one can see, but only the entrance and exit from it.

As per PCMag's advise:

When your VPN is on, anyone snooping around your network can't see what you're up to. This is true even if the snooper controls the network. 

 Okay, I'm convinced. How do I know which VPN to choose and how much will it cost me?

If you do not want VPN to slow down your browsing speed and be unstable, the best option for you is to connect to a paid VPN server and there are many recommended ones like the following:

  1. NordVPN
  2. ExpressVPN
  3. CyberGhost
  4. PureVPN

The cost usually ranges from $5 to 20 per month and the installation process is simple with detailed step-by-step guides. So go ahead, protect your online privacy and keep those hackers away from getting your personal details by using a virtual private network!