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5 Notable Moments from Friends: The Reunion

There hasn’t been a full-fledged ‘Friends’ reunion for over 10 years—not until now! Fans have been waiting for the cast to finally meet on-screen. It happened months ago and HBO Max has made it so you have 24 hours of Friends at your fingertips.

There were many parts to the latest episode, including a Q&A session, goofy fashion shows, cast quiz, going back to the original set, and some script reading. The special was funny and sad in turns, and it contained many rare behind-the-scenes moments with both laughter and tears so the show's die-hard fans will definitely love it.

Here are 5 moments from this much-awaited reunion that really got to us:

1. Matt LeBlanc’s Injury

This might be a tough one for die-hard fans to remember, but back in Season 3 of Friends, Matt looked like he was wearing a sling. This is because he actually injured himself while filming the previous episode.

In a scene from the show, LeBlanc was supposed to dive into a couch but he injured himself and producers had to stop filming for the night after his paramedic crew whisked him off to the hospital.

The reunion show presented how LeBlanc and the cast reacted to reenacting the scream-inducing scene. They shared their thoughts and feelings about what went down, as well as reactions from viewers.

2. Monica and Chandler’s Love Story

When Monica and Chandler had their surprising fling in London, it was supposed to be a one-time thing. The scene was so well received by the studio audience that it prompted producers and writers to consider expanding these ideas so they have scrapped their previous plan to create a new story.

According to co-creator Marta Kaufman, audiences’ reactions encouraged her to explore this sentiment more.

3. Aniston and Schwimmer Would Have Been a Couple

This special episode has some touching moments. At one point, Aniston and Schwimmer admitted that they were actually in love with each other when filming the early seasons and used to cuddle on the couch after shoots. They always wanted to, but never had the right timing.

Schwimmer said:

“It was like two ships passing because one of us was always in a relationship, and we never crossed that boundary.”

According to Aniston, they put all their love and affection for each other into their characters instead and it worked!

4. Marcel the Monkey Wasn’t a Favorite

Do you remember the monkey Marcel? He was one of the animals that made regular appearances in Friends. Schwimmer was so not a fan, but he acted his heart out for the sake of these episodes!

According to David Schwimmer:

“The monkey didn’t do his job right. … He didn’t hit his marks.”
A monkey that looks like Marcel

5. Rachel Green Might Have Been Played By a Different Actress

The producers were so desperate to land Jennifer Aniston that they cast her in the show even though she was already playing a character in a different CBS sitcom titled “Muddling Through”.

The producers breathed a sigh of relief when "Muddling" was abruptly canceled, and the show will not air. Jennifer was told by a producer in the production of Friends that it is not going to make her famous enough or to quote her, “a star”.