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Is It Possible For Me to Pet a Fox?

In some cultures, foxes are seen as a symbol of cunning and trickery. In other cultures, they are seen as a source of protection and healing. But some people believe that a fox is a perfect pet because they are intelligent animals that can be extremely creative and loving to their human friends.

There are many different reasons why someone might want to have a fox as their pet. Some people might be animal lovers who do not want to own an animal that is against the law or they find it easier to have a fox as their pet because of its size.

Sure, they may seem cute as pets, but they can also be difficult to care for. In this article we'll tell you why:

1. They have very specific care needs

Foxes would not make a good pet for many reasons. Foxes are wild animals and will try to escape from potential owners, causing damage to the property. However, there are a number of factors that pet owners have to consider before they can take care of a fox as well as how much care a fox needs. In comparison, dogs have pet care necessities that are much easier as compared to foxes.

Taking care of a fox is complicated

2. Some states won’t allow it

In some states, the fox can be classified as an exotic animal and in others, it can be classified as a domestic animal. In order for this to happen, the fox must have been born in captivity and had to have been imported from another country.

But unfortunately in majority of states, it is illegal to own a fox as a pet because foxes can carry rabies and other diseases that can infect humans or other pets. In these states, if you find a fox that is abandoned or injured you should contact the local animal control officer instead of trying to take care of the animal yourself.

3. They are undomesticated

Foxes are not domesticated animals and they should not be pets. The foxes that we can see, in areas such as the United States, are wild and come out of the woods to scavenge for food or hunt for prey. If you were to take a pet fox into your home and provide it with all the necessary human comforts then it would never learn how to fend for itself when it goes back into the wild.

Take it from the experts!

We found it interesting that the experts recommend against having a fox as a pet. Many wild animal experts will warn against the idea of people keeping foxes on their property. These animals require a lot of resources that most people don't have to spare. Many people who've owned foxes in the past say they're time consuming and require experience.

Animal welfare groups recommend telling people not to keep foxes as pets. You can enjoy looking at them in the wild and shouldn't take them from their natural habitat, but there are a number of good reasons why you shouldn't get a fox as a pet.