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5 Pet Care Tips to Keep Your Dogs Healthy

Lots of people who have had a dog will say they enjoy living with them. We know the joys that these animals can bring and yet we often don't get enough time to spend with them. Most dogs on average live for 10-14 years, with some living longer, while others are predisposed to health issues that make them susceptible to disease.

But most people don’t know that dogs and humans share many genetic similarities, including cancer cells. In other words, much of the advice that experts have for increasing human longevity might also apply to dogs.

Here are just some of the ways we can help our canine companions live a longer, healthier life:

1. Keep track of their weight

The most important thing for your dog to do is to manage their weight. We need to keep them healthy by preventing them from carrying too much excess weight. Diet and exercise is important not just for people but also for animals like dogs. Know that your dog will live a longer and healthier life when they are leaner.

Regularly monitor and control your dog’s weight by either weighing them or judging their body condition. This way you can assess whether they are at a healthy weight or overweight.

Dog treats

The best way to manage treats is to follow a feeding guideline as a starting point, but always consider your dog's size, age and level of activity. Conversely, you might change food types or feed more if they have a tendency to eat more. One of the most efficient ways to maintain a healthy weight for your pet is by using an accurate food scale. This way you can make sure they’re getting their proper amount while also making sure they don’t overeat.

Feeding your pet well gives them the energy to thrive, which helps with good health. It is important that their diet includes enough of all four main food groups - grains, vegetables, fruits and protein. It's important to feed our dogs a healthy diet, and this is no easy feat- it will depend on the dog. However, a good place to start would be by making sure their food is healthy and that they find it tasty.

2. Keep their minds active

Keeping your dog’s body healthy is just as important as keeping their mind active. But wait, you've probably heard about this adage:
"You can't teach an old dog new tricks."

Contrary to what you might have heard, old dogs CAN learn new tricks. They may also keep their brain and body younger. And here's a fact: dogs bury things for a reason and not because they just like to do it. 

Dog games

Even when you don't have the time to play, explore low-impact games your dog can enjoy. This will encourage your pet's physical activity, which in turn will allow them to be more well-behaved companions. Dogs love their noses, it’s fun for them to explore using their scenting skills. So this training not only stimulates them mentally but physically as well.

There are many ways to exercise your dog, but hydrotherapy might also be a good choice for dogs who aren't able to exercise in the same way.

3. Have plenty of time to bond

Dogs are a lot like many other companion animals – they develop clear bonds to their caregivers. Dogs and humans have a long and close-knit relationship especially when dogs spend a lot of time at home. It's not unusual for dog owners to refer to them as family.

A good bond with your dog can help to improve its happiness and welfare. You can also see even the smallest changes in behavior or movement which may indicate any underlying health concerns.

Bonding with your dog

Pets who are compatible with their owners will receive more benefits than just the needs of the pet. This includes stress relief and exercise for the owner as well. Spending time with your dog is a great way to strengthen your bond. Playing, talking and making a fuss over them all promote a good relationship.

4. Regularly visit the vet

Modern technology has made things significantly easier for those in the veterinary field. New and improved dog-management and preventative techniques can provide better care than ever before. Vaccines have been effective for dogs. This can even protect you from toxocariasis, which can be transmitted from dog feces to humans.

Dog vet

Build an excellent relationship with your vet to ensure you are able to talk about your dog’s needs. It's wise to go the vet for regular health checkups because they can identify dental problems or arthritis. This helps you to fix these conditions before they become a serious issue that negatively affects your pet's health.

5. Walk together with your dog

Everyone knows how important it is to take care of their pets, and taking them for a walk or jog outside can have really great benefits. Both you and your dog being active is good for your health and can even help to manage your weight. If you're not getting enough physical activity then it might be time to start!

While you can't make your dog live longer with exercise alone, it might both protect him and us in the form of weight concerns. Research suggests that when people take happy dog walks, they also trigger the happy feelings in their pup.

In general, both genetics and environment impact dog longevity. Although it's not possible to make huge changes to your dog's genetic traits, there are some simple things you can do that'll improve their health and the more healthy habits they have, the better!