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5 Possible Reasons Why Your Dog Stares at You

Dogs and humans have an interesting relationship. Most dog owners consider their dogs to be members of the family, but it's no secret that they're still animals, and this means there are certain aspects of their behavior that humans can never really understand. One prime example is why your dog stares at you—dogs stare at their owners all the time, and we can only guess at what they're thinking or why they do it! Here are some of the possible reasons behind why your dog stares at you.

Pets can be considered man's best friend, but dogs might also consider humans their best friends. Dogs are more likely to make eye contact with humans than other animals. This may be because dogs tend to look up at their human companions, or it could stem from a dog's innate desire to establish dominance over his owner. Either way, your dog isn't staring because he is angry; he is trying to establish eye contact with you as an attempt to convey love and affection.

1. His food bowl is empty

The first thing to consider when your dog stares at you is whether or not his food bowl is empty. Dogs love routine, and many of them will stare down their owner when they're ready for dinner or a snack.

Dog bowl empty

If your dog is staring at you while you eat breakfast, lunch or dinner, it could mean that he's hungry. Before you fill up his bowl though, take a moment to see if there are any other clues that might indicate why he's looking at you so intently.

2. He wants to go outside

As humans, we think in terms of language—we can use language to express what we're thinking. But dogs lack that capability and must communicate differently. As a result, they rely on nonverbal cues to tell us what they want (or need) most; oftentimes that includes going outside to go potty. If your dog is staring at you and won't leave you alone, he probably wants to go outside!

Dog near door

Take him out for a walk or bring him back inside after he does his business, but give him an opportunity to relieve himself if you notice him staring at you. The same applies if your dog is watching birds out of the window or any other distraction that might be pulling his attention away from you. Take him outside so he can take care of business!

3. He's a male who sees you as a female in heat and is ready to go

You've seen it, right? Your dog sees you as a female in heat and is ready to go! This is known as the look. While we humans might look away when someone catches us checking them out, dogs can't do that – so they stare. If you're a dog owner, then you know how hard it can be to get your dog to stop staring.

Dog and human

A male dog sees a female in heat as an opportunity for procreation. The male will try to gain her attention by looking directly into her eyes and showing off his best side—usually from a standing position with his legs spread apart, tail raised high and ears back.

4. You look like his favorite human

After a long day of work, you walk in through your front door. There's a certain feeling of relief—your dog is there to greet you. He's wagging his tail and jumping all over, clearly ecstatic to see you. The next thing he does might surprise you: he stares into your eyes and licks your face like crazy! You look like his favorite human in his eyes, so he will do anything for that attention!

Favorite human

Dogs are loyal animals who form strong bonds with their owners, but their idea of love can be very different from ours. When they get excited or affectionate, it isn't always because they want something; it could just be because they love being around us! We have come to associate staring with thinking or seeing something that interests us; however, dogs don't have depth perception and rely on peripheral vision.

5. It's just his goofy personality

Many dog owners will tell you that their pets have a personality that's far more developed than that of a typical animal. Whether it's because of centuries of selective breeding, or just because they're known for picking up on human behavior, dogs just seem to be able to display all sorts of emotions (and not always for want of treats). And no one knows about goofy pups better than their pet parents.

For example, when my dog stares at me from across the room, I know she wants me to play with her—but sometimes I don't feel like it. Instead of barking and whining in frustration, though, she turns around and walks away without saying a word. It may sound silly, but there are many times when my pup looks back over her shoulder as if to say "I didn't even ask you".