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Why Everyone Should Go Backpacking Once in Their Life

There are different ways to travel. Some prefer luxury cruises while some would like to go on a budget trip. And then there's backpacking, which is a type of travel that involves the act of carrying all of your belongings in a backpack, especially over mountainous or other remote terrain. It often includes living out of a tent, cooking on a camp stove, and exploring the natural environment.

Many people are now looking at backpacking as an opportunity to explore their world and discover new places. And with our current society now more open to diversity, many people are traveling to countries where they wouldn't have before -- for example, Myanmar or Laos.

Trivia: The word “backpacking” comes from the Old English word “packbæc”, meaning a bundle of clothes carried on one's back.

That feeling of being independent and free

Backpacking involves taking all the travel gear you need to meet your basic needs and travelling to destinations where you can get closer to local communities and get a sense of how people live.

What makes it different from traditional style vacations is that it does not require hotels, restaurants, or even any transportation. Instead, it's about being more independent and adapting to the environment you are visiting.

Feeling independent with backpacking

For many, backpacking is an extension of the sense of freedom that pervades life in the developed world. It offers an immersive experience of nature that day-trippers and drivers will never see.

It is especially appealing to those who find themselves isolated in their jobs, whether they are stuck in front of a computer or spending hours behind the wheel.

And to quote David Bowie:

"I don’t know where I’m going, but I promise it won’t be boring."

The lightweight way to travel

There are many reasons why you should try out backpacking. You get to see the world without spending too much money and you don't need to pack your bags full of clothes or bring a ton of books. You just need the necessities, which are all lightweight.

On your travels, you can see what is yet to be discovered by interacting with people who have lived in different parts of this world for generations. You will experience new cultures and enjoy delicious foods that are different from what you are used to back home.

Lightweight backpack

It’s not just about “carrying a backpack”

Backpacking is about the unique cultural experiences and histories other countries have to offer. Sure, it might involve carrying luggage... but that's not all there is to it.

It means being able to share stories with the people you meet on the way, having an occasional adventure, and getting to know yourself better. The ultimate goal of backpacking is to experience the local culture and interact with the country’s people. You can learn about their way of life through conversations or just by watching them do what they love most.

Go pack your bags…your backpack rather

So go ahead and experience is what backpacking is all about. It's about finding yourself in new places, having fun with friends, and exploring new cultures. There is no better way to see a country than by walking around it with your backpack on your shoulders!