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Do You Really Need More Expensive Gas?

You've probably heard that more expensive gas is better for your car, but does it really make any difference? What's the difference between regular and premium gas, and which one should you choose? This article will answer all of these questions and more, so read on to learn more about the different kinds of fuel options that are available and how to figure out what kind you need.

Do People Buy Expensive Gasoline Just Because It Costs More?

It's easy to assume that people buy expensive gas because it costs more, but is there any truth to that assumption? Do they even know what fuel octane means or do they just need gas to run their car and will pay whatever they have to in order to get it? While most motorists wouldn't describe themselves as car aficionados, many of them understand how octane affects a vehicle.

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Drivers often don't have much of a choice where their car gets its fuel from. They may not be able to pick between higher-octane gasoline and lower-octane gasoline, depending on where they live. But does higher-octane gasoline really provide better performance for your vehicle? Is it worth paying extra for premium fuel when you fill up at the pump? To answer these questions, we first need to look at why some engines require higher-octane fuel than others. Then we can take a closer look at whether expensive gas is really worth it.

Is Premium Gasoline Worth it?

While many people say you should always buy premium, that isn't always true. Premium gas is usually about 15-20% more expensive than regular gas and for some vehicles it doesn't offer any benefit at all. To know if you really need to purchase premium, follow these steps. The first thing you want to do is check your owner's manual. It will give specific information on whether or not your vehicle requires premium gasoline.

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If your vehicle requires a higher octane level, then make sure you use it in order to avoid damaging your engine. If your vehicle does not require a higher octane level then you can save money by using regular fuel instead of paying extra for premium fuel. If you don't know what type of gas your car needs, go ahead and ask someone who works at an auto parts store. Also keep in mind that many modern cars are designed to automatically detect what type of fuel they are receiving so it may not matter which grade you put into your tank.

Does Higher Octane Fuel Produce Better Performance and Savings?

In a word, no. The idea that high-octane gasoline helps your engine perform better and save money is a myth. And while higher octane fuel burns slightly cooler than lower octane fuel, it's not enough to improve your vehicle's performance or your gas mileage—and even if you don't notice any difference in how well your car runs, using premium gas can cost hundreds of dollars per year.

If you want to make sure your engine runs as efficiently as possible, follow these steps:

  1. Don't let your gas tank get too low.
  2. Keep up with regular maintenance.
  3. Drive according to conditions.
  4. Use high-quality fuel (not all brands are created equal).