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5 Car Maintenance Jobs You Can Do by Yourself

Car maintenance can sometimes seem scary but by starting small and working your way up, you can do things for yourself. Even doing the basic car practices can do wonders for your vehicle. When you have the know-how, fixing things around cars doesn't have to be too daunting.

There are lots of tasks that you can accomplish with just a little bit of information/practice. Here is a list of 5 car repair things that anyone can do:

1. Wiper blades

It’s easy to tell if your blades need replacing. Simply press the washer button and see if the blades wipe clean or not. If they leave streaks, they should be replaced as soon as possible. Higher quality blades are more expensive but they'll last longer, wipers better and keep you safe from UV rays that lower the rubber's lifespan. Friendly merchants might also be able to help you with your purchase.

Wiper blades

Please follow the installation instructions on how to install this wiper blade. Grip with both hands at the top and remove it from the arm without letting go. If they begin to fly away, they can crack even the toughest wind.

2. Engine air filter

It is recommended that you inspect and replace your filter monthly. Open up the filter box, unscrew the retainers and remove your old filter. To see how much light is leaking through, hold a light behind the filter. If it blocks over 50% of the light, replace the filter. If not, secure it and keep going.

Car engine air filter

3. Mount antenna

Replacing a fender mount antenna is a breeze. All you have to do is unscrew the remaining part and replace it with your chosen replacement. It's just that easy! On the other hand, a pillar mount replacement can be time-consuming, but it is still something you can do yourself. Disconnect the antenna cable from your car and attach heavy string to the end. The next step will be to unscrew the antenna mount from the pillar and pull out the old antenna and string. In order to wire up the antenna again, attach the cable to the string and pull the cable back into the car. Then connect it to your radio. Please make sure the new antenna is tightly attached to the pillar using the included screws.

Car mount antenna

4. Seat tears

Upholstery shops charge an arm and a leg to fix the tears in your chairs. All you need are some supplies that can be found at any auto parts store, which will cost you less than $20. It takes a little time to get the mix perfect but it's worth it in the end. You'll also avoid the hassle of driving around with torn seats. First, glue down any reinforcing fabric under the vinyl or leather. Then mix the heat-set filler so that it matches your fabric color and apply it over the tear. To patch a hole in your vinyl or leather floor, first find a mat that has a surface texture as close as possible to your flooring's. Place the patch onto the liquid filler and then use a heated poking tool to shape it into place. To remove the patching compound, just scrape it off with your fingers. Leave the textured mat in place, and let it cool before taking it off with your hand.

Car seats

5. Brake fluid

Some recommend that drivers should replace brake fluid either after reaching 24,000 miles or every few years. Others don’t mention anything about this topic at all. It’s actually easy to test your brake fluid. Just dip a test strip into the fluid and compare the color to the chart on the packaging. If it turns dark green, or some other color that is off from what you have on record, then you will need to switch out your old brake fluid for new.

You can’t do a full brake fluid exchange yourself, but you can swap the fluids instead. A fluid swap is cheaper and there are plenty of instructional videos on YouTube that show you how to do it. You can swap fluid without replacing all of it. This way, you'll introduce enough new fluids and this will make a difference for your car.