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6 Effective Ways to Keep Your Dog from Barking

There are few things more obnoxious than the sound of an incessantly barking dog, and it's even worse when you have to listen to it all day at work or while relaxing at home on the weekend. Keeping your dog from barking can be tricky, but in this article we'll take a look at three proven techniques that will help you stop your dog from barking whenever it feels like it, so you can finally get some peace and quiet around the house or in your yard.

1. Obedience Training

An excellent way to prevent your dog from barking is by enrolling him in obedience training. When you teach your dog not to bark on command, he'll learn how important it is for him to stop when you tell him so. Be sure that you put in a good amount of time training your dog every day. This will keep his mind active and his body busy, which will help reduce the need for excessive barking. Also, be sure to give your dog plenty of exercise throughout the day. If you have more than one dog, be sure they are well-socialized with each other before bringing them home together. If they aren't used to being around other dogs, they may feel threatened or even try to fight with each other—and both behaviors can lead to excessive barking.

Obedience training

2. Reward Training

Think about your dog's natural behavior. When it barks, does it expect a reward? If so, try rewarding your pet with a treat or attention when you want it to stop barking. This will teach your dog that silence results in something good and eventually reduce its need for excessive barking. It can take several weeks for training to start taking effect, but keep at it—this is one of the most effective ways of how to stop dogs from barking!

Reward training

3. Distraction Training

Often, unwanted behaviors are a result of boredom or loneliness. Dogs bark when they're bored; give them something entertaining and distracting, like a chew toy that fits in their mouth. They may also be lonely: spend time with your pet, even if you can't be around all day; schedule play dates or take them on walks when you have free time. These strategies help prevent unwanted barking.

Distraction training

4. Consistency

Dogs bark when they're bored, nervous or excited. An easily bored and excitable dog is a combination that will wreak havoc on your next afternoon at home. Make sure you play with your dog every day; get them used to staying calm in the house and eliminating boredom-induced barking before it happens. If possible, start training them at an early age so that you don't have to deal with any complications down the road. It may be annoying now, but prevention really is better than cure!

5. Give Them Something Else To Do

This is likely to be more of a problem with smaller dogs than bigger ones, but some dogs bark because they're bored. Keeping your dog busy and in good health can help prevent such excessive barking. Dogs have a natural instinct to chase things, so it can help if you give them something they can chase around your house or yard. One of my favorite ways to keep my dog busy without giving her too much exercise is by hiding treats all over our back yard. She spends hours sniffing out every last one! Another option is investing in an interactive toy that will challenge your dog mentally while also keeping him occupied.

Dog hobby

6. Other Solutions That Could Work For You

Dogs bark for a variety of reasons—fear, excitement, and even boredom. If your dog is barking because he's feeling anxious, lonely, or bored and you can't figure out how to soothe him, hiring a dog walker or a pet sitter while you're at work might do the trick. When it comes to training your dog not to bark, one method that often works is praising her when she's quiet (rather than scolding her when she barks). If she gets up in the middle of night and starts howling, turn on a light so she knows you're awake. Also try putting an old pair of shoes by her bed; since dogs are attracted to scent, it could help her feel more comfortable if there are familiar smells nearby.

Dog walker